AI In My Life


AI in My Life is a workshop series on artificial intelligence, ethics, privacy, and courses and careers in STEM for Transition Year students. 

Consisting of three modules the programme will help students:

  • Engage with STEM in an entertaining way
  • Learn about AI and future trends
  • Understand their data and privacy
  • Develop an interest and insight into research and working in a university 

Students will be taught how to create a research poster as a way of summing up their opinions on how AI will effect their future.

The students will be invited to come on campus to our partner universities to display their research posters.

Course Content :


  • AI in My Life: An Introduction
    • Greater understanding of basic concepts related to AI.
    • Enhanced understanding of how emergent technology such as AI can impact important aspects of their lives and society.
  • Thinking about AI, Ethics and Privacy 
    • Better insight into how research shapes future technology.
    • Enhanced ability to evaluate the ethical and privacy implications of AI in their lives  
  • AI and Society 
    • Increased confidence to discuss AI and its impacts in the classroom across subjects
    • Growth in confidence in participating in public discourse about STEM.
    • Better appreciation of the role of responsible research and innovation. 
  • Digital Privacy Workshop 
    • Empowerment to protect digital privacy
  •  AI Careers and Tech Showcase 
    • Greater awareness of the interdisciplinary nature of AI and the exciting range of career opportunities that it presents.
    • By engaging directly with researchers, participants will feel more connected to STEM research.
    • Increased propensity to consider STEM subjects at all levels.

Teacher Resources

All resources required by teachers can be found below:


Module 1:   AI and Ethics and research poster project. 6 Interactive Workshops. 80 mins each.

Module 2:   How to protect yourself online. 4 online lessons. 80 mins each

Module 3:   AI Careers 4 workshops. 40 mins each.

The Projects will be displayed by students when invited to local universities as part of programme. Dates and location to be revealed in October

Workbook: An online version of the workbook for students to complete during Module 1.