AI in My Life Module 1


AI in My Life is a workshop series on artificial intelligence, ethics, privacy, and courses and careers in STEM for Transition Year students.


Lesson 1 – Introduction to AI in My Life

Lesson 1 is intended to introduce students to the structure of the course, what they will learn from it and how they will approach the topics covered. It will introduce students to the challenges around AI, Privacy, and Society. Finally, students will work in groups and discuss and analyse specific dilemmas connected to the challenges mentioned above.

Lesson 2 – AI and Society

Lesson 2 will build upon some of the discussions from lesson 1. The lesson will be driven by discussions amongst the students and look in-depth at the challenges AI faces in relation to society and privacy concerns. This lesson will also look at discussing issues and how discussion can help create inclusive, collaborative solutions.


Lesson 3 – Deepakes and Emotion Detection

By the end of this lesson, the students will know how emotions could determine if a content/product will be successful by considering people’s reactions when interacting with it. Students will also become aware of how difficult it is to detect emotions accurately and the types of bias that can emerge. Additionally, the students will learn some tips about identifying fake news based on a study conducted by the research project DetectFakes.

Lesson 4 – AI & Machine Learning

In this lesson, students will be introduced to the technical side of Artificial Intelligence, and the variety of definitions and uses. They will also be introduced to the development of Machine Learning. Students will be encouraged to discuss the pros and cons of both AI and machine learning.

Lesson 5 –  Data Transmission

This lesson will bring forward personal awareness around the transmission of information and data. It is important to listen, hear, and understand what is being said fully; this is closely interlinked with data protocols for sending, accepting, and processing information.  Every student will participate as a transmitter (receiver, processor, provider) of information and thus gain new perspectives on the process by playing the telephone game.


Lesson 6 – Privacy, the Internet, and You

By the end of this lesson, the students will know the vulnerabilities of their privacy when using smartphones and Internet services, and they’ll understand how they can protect their privacy through some security recommendations. Also, they will know how their personal data from social media tools like Facebook or Twitter could be used to analyse their digital profile.