Lesson Template

August 12, 2014

Content For the Overview Section Content for the Goals Section Content for the Equipment Section. Content for the Lesson Plan Section. Content for the video section. Paste youtube url to embed video. Print Outs PDF’s Downloads

Module Introduction

This week is an introduction to the module – Multimedia is a module exploring social innovation topics through the use of digital technologies.

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Media Analysis

Media Analysis takes a look at how messages are communicated in media. We look at powerful messages in music videos, stereotypes in TV ads and how students can use SAMS to create a powerful video.

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Developing an idea

This lesson helps students to develop their initial ideas. We will introduce some formal elements of a film, like settings and characters and then try to encourage students to create stories. The students will have a clearer idea of what

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Creating a Storyboard

Students brainstorm ideas for videos and gain experience in pitching their video idea to the class. Students use the Storyboard format to plan their video idea.

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Writing A Script

August 20, 2014

This week students will develop their script writing and storyboarding skills, their observation skills and draft their own script.

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How to record good audio

Today’s class is around the subject of Interviews. The following topics will be covered for students in the presentation. Planning, Setting Up of Interview, The Interview, Wrapping Up of Interview.

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Shoot The Video

August 31, 2016

Your students are now ready to shoot their film. We cover all they need to know before they set out to shoot their video. Laptop / Computer This lesson will involve getting students to start filming. We will remind them

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Editing your footage

We cover Editing, how to edit the vlogging footage you have so far and then applying those techniques to the students movies. The students will learn about the basics of editing. Laptop / Computer. We suggest you contact us in

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Showing your movie and your next steps

This lesson is the last lesson and it covers showing the movie to their class and looking at what options are available if a student would like to learn more in terms of self-learning, university or possible careers. Note: For

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Cabra Community College

September 1, 2016

Cabra Community College is a co-educational 2nd level school. The mission of Cabra Community College is to enable the provision of quality education, anchored in a warm, caring, safe, secure and stimulating learning environment, inclusive of all. We also provide

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Chanel College

September 2, 2016

Chanel College is situated in the village of Coolock on the North side of Dublin on the Malahide Road. The school opened in 1955 with twelve pupils in its first year. It was the year after the Canonisation of St.

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Grange Community College

September 4, 2016

Grange Community College, Donaghmede, is a college of excellence serving the local community. Through a balanced and challenging curriculum, students are enabled to develop their talents and abilities. We promote an ethos of honesty, justice, and respect for others and

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Margaret Aylward Community College

September 5, 2016

Margaret Aylward Community College, an all-girls post primary school, was established in September 1969. Today the college is the under the auspices of the CDETB. The school provides a wide range of subjects at Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate level,

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Rosmini Community School

September 6, 2016

Rosmini Community School (co-educational) aims to provide an inclusive education catering for the physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, sensory and aesthetic development of its students in a caring and friendly atmosphere which respects the rights of all. Pupils of all denominations

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St. Aidan’s CBS

September 7, 2016

St. Aidan’s CBS was established in 1964 by the Christian brothers as a boys’ Voluntary Secondary School. St. Aidan’s is one of the ninety eight schools under the leadership of the Edmund Rice School Trust ERST. The ethos and philosophy

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St. Kevin’s College

September 8, 2016

St. Kevin’s College is a boys’ secondary school in Ballygall, operated by the Christian Brothers / Edmund Rice Trust. The school has an enrolment of 525 students and provides a range of programmes to cater for the students’ needs. St.

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St. Mary’s Holy Faith Killester

September 9, 2016

St Mary’s Holy Faith Secondary School Killester is a Catholic Secondary School for girls. It offers a comprehensive curriculum and facilities to meet modern educational needs. Students are encouraged to participate in as many school activities so that they may

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St. Michael’s Holy Faith

September 10, 2016

St. Michael’s is a Catholic School providing education, in partnership with parents, to support the development of the whole person in a caring community, characterised by Christian faith and mutual respect. Open to the wisdom of our past, we accept

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St. Vincent’s Secondary School

September 11, 2016

St Vincent’s is an all-boys school secondary school located in Glasnevin, Dublin 11. The school’s mission is to provide a quality catholic education for all, in the tradition of Edmund Rice, which promotes leadership, fosters community and respects diversity. The

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The Donahies Community School

September 12, 2016

At The Donahies Community School our approach to education is holistic. Each student is supported to achieve his/her full academic potential. The Personal, Social and Spiritual development of all students is fostered and developed. Our educational programmes reflect the inclusive

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