AI in My Life

Welcome to AI in My Life’s Resource HUB.

AI in My Life will engage students in a dialogue around the societal implications of emerging AI innovations. 

It is a teacher-led module for transition year students created by the ADAPT Research Centre with the DCU Access programme, Lero and the Future of Privacy Forum.

The content for these modules was co-created with former transition year students to ensure that the module resonates with the intended audience. Insights from these co-creation workshops will be used to shape the module for ‘21-’22 school transition year students. 

Through working with students, the targeted audience for this project, to gather insight on these topics we can ensure the module we create for September ‘21 meets the needs of the students, understanding they’re current interests and understanding, and by tailoring the content to ensure their concerns about privacy and ethics are addressed.

TY students will explore how research can ensure that AI is inclusive of everyone through these teacher-led modules 

Module 1: Research Project

Module 2: Your data and privacy

Module 3: Careers in STEM