The Multimedia & Social Innovation module encourages students to explore the topic of social innovation using multimedia as a tool to influence change in their communities.

The Smart Skills course is designed to give students the opportunity to develop their skills in the fields of creativity, business and technology. These fields encompass a broad range of skills including media and web literacies, software design and development, teamwork, project management and entrepreneurship.

This course is specifically designed to be delivered by Career Guidance Teachers to Senior Cycle Students covering areas such as resilience and empowerment .

The Employability module is focused on developing each individual student’s skill set to enable them to progress onto third level and gain an insight in the world of work that they would aspire to. The module is broken down into six workshops which can be delivered on their own or consecutively over a number of months.

Leadership is designed to explore views and ideas on what Leadership means at a general level. It will also assist students to begin developing their current and potential leadership skills, aptitudes and competencies, and enhance their self-confidence to identify and embrace with a positive can-do attitude, leadership opportunities and options as they unfold.

Study Skills is a series of topics aimed at helping Leaving Cert students to help them manage their study for exams. There are two suggested Workshops and within each workshop there are several topics. You can dip in and out of each session and pick the topics relevant to your student group or deliver the topics together over two Workshops.