What is Multimedia?

April 1, 2016

In the context of this course, Multimedia is a module which combines different forms of content such as text, audio, images and film to create a video. Multimedia is for creative and enquiring minds and for those who are interested

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What does the course involve?

Multimedia is split into three different sub modules. Pre-Production (Planning stage), Production (Filming Stage), Post Production (Editing and Exhibiting stage). All students will be working in project groups throughout the module, completing a video for April 2019.

How long is the course?

If the course is delivered through a double class once a week, there is sufficient material to cover from September to April. However, it is important to note that the course will be updated and will develop throughout the year.

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What training is provided and how long will this take?

Training takes place in DCU at the start of the academic year. The session involves an overview of the module material, practical hands-on experience with equipment, and a chance to meet with other teachers delivering the module.

Will the video projects be showcased?

All students participating in the Multimedia & Social Innovation Module will be working towards creating a video for submission in the DCU TY Awards 2019. This Ceremony will be held in April 2019 and will showcase all finished projects by

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