Multimedia & Social Innovation
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How to Record Voice Overs

The Multimedia & Social Innovation module encourages students to explore the topic of social innovation using multimedia as a tool to influence change in their communities.

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This week students will learn about voice overs and will use their script writing skills and imagination to write and record a 30 second Radio Advertisement.   

Lesson Goals

  • Write a short script – Students should remember SAMS & Script Writing lessons when doing this.
  • Practice recording their voice and getting used to hearing the sound of it.
  • Become comfortable with playing their recording for others in the class.
  • Experience using a project brief.
  • Analyse old radio ads and compare them to radio ads today. Examples of Irish Radio Ads can be found at


  • AV Equipment for Teachers
  • Recording Device – Students should work in pairs and use the Voice Memos recording App on one phone.
  • Handout
    • Radio Ad Brief
  • Video
    • How to audio record on your smart phone/device
    • Radio Commercials from the 1940’s Playlist

Lesson Plan

Radio Advertisements taken from Voice Bank. Play a selection of these for the students. These are people who are making a living as voice over artists.

Explain to the students about Project Briefs, what they are used for and what the aim of this lesson is.
The students role in this lesson is to be the script writers and Voice Over artists.
They need to write a complete 30 to 40 second advertisement for radio.
Students should either work on their own or in pairs.

In this instance we have themed the ad to be a top BRAND – the student can choose one they can associate with (examples would be Nike, Apple, Diet Coke) or students can choose to create an ad for a service such as a gym, a hair dressers etc or on a Charity to help raise funds and awareness.
Outline the guidelines for writing a radio ad. See the additional handout. Discuss the following with the students:
Timing of Ad, Objective, Target Audience, Promise in Ad / Message, Backing up the promise and Call to Action.
Students should spend time writing their ad and recording it. You may require another room or quiet area where students can go to record.
To play the ads, students can email the file directly to the teacher, Upload it to Google Drive and share it with the teacher, or connect their phone to whatever speaker system the teacher may be using.
All ads should be played for the class to hear.
To take this exercise to the next level, students can record it and use PC’s to edit it and add sound etc.

Also included is a playlist of radio ads from 1940. This can be used to encourage discussion among your group about the differences in 19040 to now. What has changed? Has anything stayed the same? Are the voice overs more or less effective than voices on radio today? Discuss.