Multimedia & Social Innovation
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Introduction for teachers

The Multimedia module encourages students to explore topics close to them using multimedia as a tool to promote their message.

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Our new format:

We have provided slides to be used in class with notes to allow the teacher to help students develop and film their ideas.

Each module takes a similar approach. The initial slides begin with a question for students to answer followed by suggested answers. 

Then a structured activity is introduced for students to introduce them to the modules concept.

Next the students will be asked to work on their own idea.

Finally the students will briefly create a video of one of themselves talking to the camera as a means of reflection and later to be used as content for editing.

As much as possible we have eliminated handouts and students will only need pen and paper to complete many of the activities.

Please feel free to modify slides as you see fit and if you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you.


How do the slides work?


We suggest you look over the slides before the class. Below the slides are notes for whoever delivers the class. In presentation mode the slide are designed so a question appears and the answers don’t appear until you click again to allow students to lead the conversations.

You are welcome to edit the slides, to do so please make a copy and use that.


What about equipment?


We have 30 laptops, 8 cameras and tripods and 4 microphones available for use. We will deliver and collect all the equipment and disinfect it thoroughly between groups. To borrow the equipment please email, and we will also provide you with instructions on how to use the equipment. We would ask that if possible you would keep the equipment for no longer than a week but longer loans are possible. 


How will teachers/students interact with DCU?

DCU are ready and willing to host students. We are also available to deliver in school workshops and classes depending on school rules. 

Finally we have included an optional question and answers session in both programmes, where students can take part in a presentation/questions and answers session with DCU students to learn more about communications, careers in communications and studying in university.


Will there be an awards ceremony?


Yes, we have scheduled an Awards Event for April/May 2022. It is also our hope that each class that took part will visit, meet with students, see the campus and have a chance to showcase their work in the new year or sooner.


Further questions

Above all we are available by email at or 0873316964 if you have any questions or suggestions.