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Leadership & Me – Workshop 1


Leadership is designed to explore views and ideas on what Leadership means at a general level. It will also assist students to begin developing their current and potential leadership skills, aptitudes and competencies, and enhance their self-confidence to identify and embrace with a positive can-do attitude, leadership opportunities and options as they unfold.

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Workshop 1 is designed to assist participants to explore their views/ideas on what Leadership means to them. It will also assist them to develop their leadership skills, aptitudes and competencies, and enhance their self-confidence to identify and embrace leadership opportunities and options as they unfold. Participants will identify their specific ‘Role-Models’, begin to appreciate their own personal leadership skills and attributes and understand that leadership growth is for everyone and not just for the chosen few.

Lesson Goals

By the end of this workshop, participants will have begun a process which will enable them to:

  • Find the Leader within you and begin a fascinating journey
  • Enquire, become inquisitive, ask questions and reflect on yourself as a Leader
  • Appreciate what Leadership is all about and how to recognise the difference between a good leader and an outstanding leader
  • Learn and practice techniques, tools, strategies, and behaviours which will enhance your own specific Leadership strengths, capabilities and style
  • Have new experiences and take on projects (self-directed or other) to make a difference
  • Develop your own individual Leadership Development Plan and pathways to success
  • Be rewarded and recognised for your efforts


  • Activity Sheets
    • My  Initial Thoughts & Views on Leadership
    • Review of Video – Richard Branson
    • Review & Reflection on Workshop
  • Handout Material
    • One- Leadership Acronym
  • AV Facilities
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Coloured ‘Post-Its’
  • Flip Chart Paper
  • Blue Tac

Lesson Plan

Part 1 – 40 Minutes

5 mins – Introductory Video: The Leaders- short film for a Great Leader
Welcome & general introduction to what Leadership Development offers
10 mins – Brief introduction to Programme outline (if completing the full programme of 6 (80 minute) or 12 (40 minute) workshops
7 mins – My Initial Thoughts and Views on Leadership- My Role Models –Baseline- ACTIVITY SHEET
5 mins – Small group sharing of thoughts written on Activity Sheet
5 mins – Workshop trends on initial baseline view of Leadership- Post-It placed on flip charts on Wall – 6 Sheets each with one of the six headings below
Names of Leaders
Achievements of Leaders
Qualities/ Characteristics
What the person you mentioned has a positive influence on your life contributes
A leader is someone….
Review, Reflect and Recall-My Learning
6 mins – Review of information on Wall Charts- with oral presentation
3 mins – Two things I have learned so far
Subtotal 40 Minutes

Part 2 – 40 Minutes

5 mins – Understanding My Leadership Style Focus
15 mins – Introduce Video- Richard Branson – ACTIVITY SHEET
10 mins – Developing & Exploring LEADERSHIP Acronym – a separate group for each letter
5 mins – What use can I make of this information? How can I challenge myself?-
5 mins – Review & Reflection
Subtotal 40 Minutes

Total 80 minutes to complete Workshop


First Class

The Leaders – short film for a Great Leader

Second Class

Richard Branson – Published on Aug 2, 2015