Leadership Resources


Leadership is designed to explore views and ideas on what Leadership means at a general level. It will also assist students to begin developing their current and potential leadership skills, aptitudes and competencies, and enhance their self-confidence to identify and embrace with a positive can-do attitude, leadership opportunities and options as they unfold.

1. Leadership & Me

Workshop 1 is designed to assist participants to explore their views/ideas on what Leadership means to them. It will also assist them to develop their leadership skills, aptitudes and competencies, and enhance their self-confidence to identify and embrace leadership opportunities and options as they unfold. Participants will identify their specific ‘Role-Models’, begin to appreciate their own personal leadership skills and attributes and understand that leadership growth is for everyone and not just for the chosen few.

2. Effective Leaders

The objective of this workshop is to help participants to answer the following questions: What is a good definition of Leadership? What qualities, characteristics, roles and functions do effective leaders have in common? What are the habits of effective people? What are my own specific Leadership Learning Development Needs? It will also provide the first steps in helping participants to develop their own Leadership Learning Plan.

3. Skills Development

This workshop focuses on raising participants’ awareness of their current communication expertise, on tips and techniques to improve communication skills, on how best to make a pitch and influence others, as well as building relationships and enabling participants to be creative and innovative. It will conclude with an opportunity for participants, to choose a project resulting in an impactful social development.

4. Leadership Audit

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to conduct an audit of their Leadership skills, competencies and attributes and develop action plans for further development. The necessity to become more aware and reflect on what we need to do as leaders, to communicate our message first of all to ourselves and then to others, with authenticity, sincerity, influence and impact is a core skill of successful leadership and this workshop will focus on tips and techniques to improve performance in this regard.

5. Leadership Styles

There are several different styles of Leadership, which a leader can embrace, depending on particular circumstances, situations and desired outcomes. Research shows that the best leaders don’t just know and practice one style, but are familiar with several and have the skills and flexibility to switch between them as required. Daniel Goleman suggests that one might consider styles as an array of golf clubs in golf pro’s bag. Over the course of the game the golfer chooses the club best suited to realise the required results. Making the right decision is a strategic choice and not a matter of personality. This workshop will introduce participants to the various leadership styles, as well as techniques and tips to develop proficiencies prior to completing an individual leadership style questionnaire.

6. What’s Stopping Me?

Successful leaders are confident and courageous and inspire these qualities in others. The aim of this workshop is to develop self-confidence and to explore what might be stopping you from achieving your dreams, goals and ambitions. The Workshop will emphasise what you have control over, it will help you become more self aware of the obstacles, hindrances and ‘chatter’ which block you from achieving your full potential. During the workshop you will explore three areas: Fears; Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS) and Limiting Beliefs. It will conclude with generating some ideas on to how to overcome these challenges, acknowledge the significance of positive affirmations and set a course of action towards success.