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News Programme – Class Project

The Multimedia & Social Innovation module encourages students to explore the topic of social innovation using multimedia as a tool to influence change in their communities.

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This week we will put everything we have learnt into practice by creating a News Report as a class group.  This is an excellent mini project the entire class can get involved in. Again, if your group is completing this module over the full year, it is a great way to get them using their skills and knowledge of Multimedia over a few classes.

Lesson Goals

This mini project has been introduced for any groups running this module until April. It is a good way for students to take a break from the video ideas and apply their learning to a small project which can be managed in the classroom. This project will involve Storyboarding (One main overall board and smaller individual boards), Script Writing, Camera Work, Audio, Filming and Editing.


For the Teacher – Projector / Laptop / Speakers

Students – Laptop / phone or recording device

Storyboard Templates


Lesson Plan

The Idea
The group will produce a short news programme as a class. They will divide up into different working teams and take responsibility for different aspects of the news programme. A suggested outline of some elements that could be included in this project are, Intro, Anchor News Presenters, Main News Stories, Foreign News Reports (excellent way of including visiting students in your class), Weather Reports, Breaking News Bulletins, Thought for the Day, Entertainment News…. To mention but a few.

The Outcome
At the end of this project, the students as a group will produce a short news programme. Their combined efforts on different aspects of the project should lead to a really fun and interesting video at the end!
Encourage your students to research different styles of news programme. They can decide if the style and content is serious, funny, casual and informal, educational… Or a combination of all of these styles. The decision is theirs.
Where to Begin
For a project like this, because it involves a large group of people, it is important that there is one person or a small group of people who are responsible for the final decisions. This person is referred to as the “Director” or “Big D”. Having someone responsible for final decisions means your video moves along quickly. Then the rest of the students should decide on their areas of interest in terms of the News Report and set up small working groups. No more than 4 should be in any group. Each group works on writing their script/story and then plan it out on a storyboard. The group nominated as Directors should take responsibility to oversee how it will all be pieced together. The following things could be considered. Opening/Introduction / Main News Headlines / Ad Break / International News / Local News / Sport / Weather – the students can include as many sections as they like.

Filming can either be done in class provided props are brought in by each group, or the groups can film off site in their preferred location outside of school time.

DCU Mentors will provide laptops to help edit the project together, providing the groups have completed their filming. The editing could of course be done in your school if the relevant equipment is available to you.