Multimedia & Social Innovation
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Media Analysis

The Multimedia module encourages students to explore topics close to them using multimedia as a tool to promote their message.

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Media Analysis involves looking at a media piece and discovering it’s story, audience, message and style. It encourages students to look at videos in a different way, not just for entertainment.

This week break the students up into Project Teams. These do not have to be their video groups, however it is good to get students working in small groups early in the module. Ensure they work in small groups of 3/4. 

Lesson Goals

  • Media Analysis – looking at a video differently
  • Using the S.A.M.S tool
  • Stereotypes – how they appear in media (In TV Programmes and Advertising)


  • AV Faclilities / Sound
  • Laptop – teacher
  • Access to DCU-Ty Site
  • Handouts
    • SAMS Handout

Lesson Plan


Students will  be introduced to S.A.M.S. Story Audience Message Style. It is a quick way for students to break down the different elements of a film. The Slides will explain what each of these mean in the context of Media Analysis. This lesson will be of huge benefit when it comes to developing storyboards and starting their video.

An example of how this works: Below is a video for an upcoming Batman film. Many of the students may have seen the video before, but they may not have looked for the story in the video, thought of who the video was aimed at, what the message in the video was and where the video was set. All of these factors contribute to the overall impact of any video and we are going to look at this today. I have outlined a few suggestions in this lesson, however if the students themselves have suggestions on videos they would like to apply SAMS to, feel free to use them also.

The rest of the slides will ask students to analyse examples of gender specific marketing and identify how boys and girls are marketed at differently.

Finally students will work together to create their own ideas for more balanced ads.