Multimedia & Social Innovation
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Module Introduction

The Multimedia module encourages students to explore topics close to them using multimedia as a tool to promote their message.

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This week is an introduction to the module – Multimedia is a module that empowers students through the making of short movies. The Outcomes of this programme for students are:

Learning and innovation skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration.

Life and career skills, including flexibility and adaptability as well as productivity and accountability.

Information, media and technology skills including media literacy.

Increased engagement in education, demonstrated through persistence, interest and motivation.

Development of a students’ creative confidence.

The approach for Multimedia is very much student-centered for teaching & learning and the role of the teacher is to become the facilitator.

Timeline for Module 

This module is split into twelve classes and a shorter version developed as a workshop for delivery over the course of a day as an activity that can be used to highlight an important theme. For example in conjunction with College Awareness week students could create a “First day in University” movie.

Lesson Goals

  • Explain what the module is about
  • Show students videos from last year


  • Laptop
  • Projector
  • Camera – Phone / iPad / Laptop  -whatever is available
  • Paper & Pens

Lesson Plan

Introduction to Multimedia should be given along with an Overview and Goals for the year ahead. This is outlined in the attached google slide.

If you would like to watch any further entries from previous years, please visit

What’s the Project about?

All the projects have the themes that are aimed at drawing on the students personal experiences. In the context of this module, it refers the use of technology to highlight or address issues in students lives. The video themes set each year will reflect this. Through this module, students will be encouraged to look deeper into problems affecting them and society and come up with ways to either highlight them or highlight the work that others are doing to tackle these issues. See Video explaining Social Innovation in Canada.