Multimedia & Social Innovation
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Photography & Camera Angles

The Multimedia & Social Innovation module encourages students to explore the topic of social innovation using multimedia as a tool to influence change in their communities.

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This week students will learn about Photography & Camera Angles. They will discover different camera angles and learn about framing and composition. They will watch a video on the correct way to film on their smart phone. We will also show them a video about a local guy called Conor Clinch, who followed his passion and became a Photographer.

Lesson Goals

  • Introduction to Photography
  • An overview of different camera angles used in Pre Production / Production
  • Provides an opportunity for students to collaborate
  • Give students an understanding of a different career following your passion.


  • Laptop / Projector
  • Cameras or Camera Phones
  • Camera Angle Handout
  • Alphabet Challenge Handout
  • Video of Conor Clinch (Photography & Following Your Passion)
  • Video of Camera Angles in a Short Film
  • Shooting Video on a Smartphone Video

Lesson Plan

Begin with a demonstration on the different camera angles shown in the Powerpoint. Distribute handouts demonstrating the angles. (e.g – close up / aerial). Ask students to draw their own versions of camera angles. If you have a school camera use it in the class and allow students to use it during the class to view the different shots if possible.

Show the students the video of Conor Clinch. He is a 19 year old guy from Coolock who turned his passion of photography into a successful career.

I have also included a video on how different camera angles are used in a short film to support the story. It is 5 minutes long and gives a very good description of different angles and how they impact on the story-line.

Alphabet Photo Challenge

Each group has fifteen minutes to complete the Photo Challenge. Divide the students into pairs. Each pair must take a sheet and photograph 5 objects that resemble 5 letters of the Alphabet. The objects must not be the same as other groups if possible. The most original and creative will win this challenge. If you have longer in your lesson, ask the pairs to use the entire Alphabet and find objects resembling all the letters.


Class will look through the images taken by each group. If possible upload these images to your laptop for a presentation at the end. By a vote, the class as a whole will be asked to vote on which project group they enjoyed the most, other than their own.