Multimedia & Social Innovation
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Photography & Camera Angles

The Multimedia module encourages students to explore topics close to them using multimedia as a tool to promote their message.

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This week students will learn about Photography & Camera Angles. They will discover different camera angles and learn about framing and composition. We will also show them a video about a local guy called Conor Clinch, who followed his passion and became a Photographer.

Note: This is a good opportunity to contact DCU and borrow a camera to allow students practice composition.

Lesson Goals

  • Introduction to Photography
  • An overview of different camera angles used in Pre Production / Production
  • Give students an understanding of a different career following your passion.


  • Laptop / Projector
  • Cameras or Camera Phones
  • Alphabet Challenge Handout
  • Video of Conor Clinch (Photography & Following Your Passion)
  • Shooting Video on a Smartphone Video

Lesson Plan

Once again adding to the students ideas, we will start to get them to consider what their movies are going to look like.

We will go through things to consider when setting up a shot and different types of shots that students can use. Then we will move back to their stroyboards and add shots to these then.