Multimedia Resources


The Multimedia & Social Innovation module encourages students to explore the topic of social innovation using multimedia as a tool to influence change in their communities.

1. Module Introduction

This week is an introduction to the module – Multimedia is a module encouraging students to create a short video on a chosen theme.


2. Media Analysis

Media Analysis takes a look at how messages are communicated in media. We look at powerful messages in music videos, stereotypes in TV ads and how students can use SAMS to create a powerful video.

3. Creating a Storyboard

Students brainstorm ideas for videos and gain experience in pitching their video idea to the class. Students use the Storyboard format to plan their video idea.

4. Photography & Camera Angles

This week students will learn about Photography and will get hands on experience using their smartphones as cameras.

5. Writing a Script

This week students will develop their script writing and storyboarding skills, their observation skills and draft their own script.

6. How to Record Voice Overs

This week students will learn about voice overs, how to record them and will use their script writing skills and imagination to write and record a 30 to 40 second Radio Advertisement.

7. Filming an Interview

Today’s class is around the subject of Interviews. The following topics will be covered for students in the presentation. Planning, Setting Up of Interview, The Interview, Wrapping Up of Interview.

8. Filming on a Smart Device

This week students will be enabled to record quality images and footage on a smart device.

9. News Programme – Class Project

This is a great exercise to get your students straight into the film making process. We touch on storyboarding, script writing, editing. You can also include movies in this as a substitute for images.

10. Nine Sentence Story

It is time to put your multimedia skills to the test and create your own “9 Sentence Story” – You imagine yourself on your first day in either college or a new job. Describe what you are feeling and how you visualize the day going. Research photos online to match and edit it all together to create your story, using only 9 sentences!

11. Podcasts

This week students learn about Podcasts.

12. Let’s Go Blogging

The students will learn about the basics of blogging.

13. Elements of a Film

This lesson examines different elements of a film. The students will learn about the elements of a film.

14. Social Media Campaign

This lesson covers all your students will need to know about their social media campaign. We examine successful social media campaigns and discuss the use of social media today.

15. Shoot The Video

Your students are now ready to shoot their film. We cover all they need to know before they set out to shoot their video.

16. Project Management

We cover Project Management, how to successfully manage a project and complete a short group project.

17. Organising Your Exhibition Event

This lesson covers the elements for organising the end of year Exhibition or Show case Event. The students put into practice their event planning skills.

18. Video Styles & Copyright

This week we look at editing in iMovie. This gives students the opportunity to see how a video is edited together and gives them hands on experience in doing so.