Multimedia & Social Innovation
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Filming an Interview

The Multimedia & Social Innovation module encourages students to explore the topic of social innovation using multimedia as a tool to influence change in their communities.

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Today’s class is around the subject of Interviews. The following topics will be covered for students in the presentation. Planning, Setting Up of Interview, The Interview, Wrapping Up of Interview.

Lesson Goals

  • Students use their script writing skills and also develop their interview skills while also learning how to shoot a video on their phone.


  • Laptop / Projector / Recorder on phone
  • Computer Lab for Students
  • Videos 1. What Not to do in a TV interview – Research your interviewee / 2. How to shoot a Video on your iPhone

Lesson Plan

Start the class by showing students a video of Samuel L Jackson being interviewed by a presenter of a morning show in Los Angeles. He makes a huge mistake – clearly by not doing his research. This ends up being a very embarrassing situation which could have been avoided.

Ask students to quickly choose a person in history who they would like to know more about. In some cases, students may prefer to conduct an interview with a famous person or celebrity, which is also fine. They must research this person and make sure they have enough material to construct questions and answers for their interview with this person.

Split the class into pairs and ask them to agree on a subject to interview and elect who is asking the questions and who is responding. All the answers given must be true and carefully researched.

Give the students a setting (TV Studio in RTE at 9am in the morning). They must then research their chosen interviewee and construct a script of questions and answers. The interview must last 3 minutes.

Select 4 pairs to be recorded in front of the class. The class should play the part of the live TV audience, so they must be totally quiet and welcome the guest, as would happen in a real life scenario. The following week, play back the interviews to the students and get feedback.