Multimedia & Social Innovation
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Writing A Script

The Multimedia & Social Innovation module encourages students to explore the topic of social innovation using multimedia as a tool to influence change in their communities.

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In this lesson students will learn what a script is and how to write one, as well as recognise and understand the layout and directions.

Lesson Goals

  • Students will learn:
  • how to brainstorm for ideas.
  • what a script is.
  • the basics of how to write a script.
  • an appreciation for the difference between a written script and the interpretation in the finished product.
  • how to develop teamwork skills & develop writing skills


  • Laptop / Projector
  • Computer Lab for Students
  • Handouts
    • Sample Script
    • Mixed Up Fairy-tale
  • Videos
    • What is Script writing?
    • Shrek – How a script is used

Lesson Plan

Introduction to Scriptwriting (10 minutes) – Slides

Group discussion – What makes a Good Script?

Video – How to Write a Script
Breaking into groups of 4 and giving them the sample script to act out between themselves (15 minutes) – Sample Script Handouts
Asking for volunteers to act out the script in front of the class (5 minutes)
Show the class the scene where the script was used (5 minutes) – Shrek Video
Break (5 minutes)
Break into groups (max 4) to write a script (20 minutes)
Option 1 – Pick a Theme for the Story

Allow students to write their own story / script following the chosen theme.
Option 2 – Mixed Up Fairy-tale
Students will be given 2 characters from different fairy-tales and 2 different scenarios. Their job is to draft a short 3 minute script with a new fairy-tale.
Swap scripts between groups and act them out (10 minutes)
(80 minutes in total)