Multimedia & Social Innovation

Welcome to the Multimedia & Social Innovation Module!

The Multimedia & Social Innovation course encourages students to explore the topics which are important to them using multimedia as a tool to influence change in their communities. These videos empower the students’, giving them a voice to raise awareness on different issues and influence change. Students examine the Five Stages of Production: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, Critical Review and Exhibition. At each stage students build on what they have learnt from the previous stage with the overall aim of producing their own video upon completion of the module.


The course is structured over a sixteen-week calendar, split into 2 Semesters: September to December and January to May. Each session is structured over 80 minutes, two 40-minute classes per week in schools, ideally delivered in double class session. Students will be introduced to the five stages of video production during this time, developing their skills in creativity, project management, collaboration and scaffolding as well as learning iMovie and Adobe Photoshop software. Students will combine all these skills while working on their social innovation project to develop a video.


On completion of this module, students will have:

  • developed a 1- to 4-minute video on a topic of their choice (themes are set each year to give students guidance)
  • gained experience useful editing experience
  • developed their collaboration skills through working as part of a team
  • learned how to take the lead on a project and work alone as well as in a group
  • built their creative and personal confidence


Submissions to the DCU TY Awards will be accepted from students from link schools, individuals, community groups and voluntary organisations.

Students: certificate for completion of course.

Teacher: certificate for completion of multimedia programme.

Awards Day: Awards for outstanding efforts in projects.