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Skills Development – Workshop 3


Leadership is designed to explore views and ideas on what Leadership means at a general level. It will also assist students to begin developing their current and potential leadership skills, aptitudes and competencies, and enhance their self-confidence to identify and embrace with a positive can-do attitude, leadership opportunities and options as they unfold.

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Communication & People Skills

This workshop focuses on raising participants’ awareness of their current communication expertise, on tips and techniques to improve communication skills, on how best to make a pitch and influence others, as well as building relationships and enabling participants to  be creative and innovative. It will conclude with an opportunity for participants, to choose a project resulting in an impactful social development.

Lesson Goals

By the end of this workshop, participants will have begun a process which will enable them to:

  • Appreciate the crucial  importance of Communication and People Skills in Leadership
  • Understand the difference between poor and good communication skills
  • Assess how effective you are at informal and formal communication
  • Identify what aspects of communication you wish to improve and how you will achieve this
  • Know how to establish successful teams and generate followers willing to do the job
  • Become familiar with team development roles
  • Get to know some useful phrases to communicate like a Coach
  • Spend time in Practice using questions (5W+H) to communicate more effectively
  • Learn how to Pitch a Project effectively by completing a Project Pitch Assignment


  • Activity Sheets
    • Review of Video
    • Audit of My Communication Skills
    • Review & Reflection on Workshop
  • Handouts
    • Questions
    • Leadership Project & Pitch
  • AV Facilities
  • Pens / Paper

Lesson Plan

Part 1 – 40 Minutes

5 mins: Introduction & Link to Previous Workshop
10 mins: Skills Families & Leadership Skills
10 mins: Video & Discussion on Communication Skills. Review of Video Activity Sheet
10 mins: Audit of My Communication Skills- ACTIVITY SHEET
5 mins: Hints for Improving Communication Skills
Subtotal 40

Part 2 – 40 Minutes

10 mins: Working with People
10 mins: Tips & Techniques to improve Communication & People Skills including questions starting with what, where, why, when, who and how (5W+H)
15 mins: Leadership Project & Pitch- Criteria & Assessment Parameters
5 mins: Reflection & Close
Subtotal 40

Total 80 minutes to complete Workshop


First Class

Video 1 – Communication Skills for Teens