Smart Skills Student Resource Centre


This page provides direct links to the course material for students. Shortcut to this page:

Student Handbook

Use your personal copy of the handbook as your guide to the course and to record your progress.

Getting Started

A playlist of introductory videos with accompanying transcripts, and suggestions for the first few apps to build.

Core 1: Coding – WhackAMole

Building the WhackAMole app to learn the fundamentals of coding with App Inventor.

Core 2: The Brainstormer – WhoIsQuiz

Building the WhoIsQuiz app, and an introduction to idea generation and feature selection.

Core 3: Project Management – SimpleBowling

Building the SimpleBowling app, and an introduction to project management in software development.

Project Tools

Project planning and management tools to print out and use.


Reference materials for App Inventor, and a library of apps to learn from and remix into your own creations.

Additional Resources

Device setup information, test tools, best practices when writing code, and ideas for further study.