Student Empowerment Resources


This course is specifically designed to be delivered by Career Guidance Teachers to Senior Cycle Students covering areas such as resilience and empowerment.

1. Identifying Unhelpful Thinking & Belief Patterns

This week is an introduction to the common forms of cognitive distortions and dysfunctional beliefs.

2. Dealing with Unhelpful Thinking & Beliefs

This week is a focus on working and dealing with unhelpful thinking and belief patterns.

3. Mindfulness of Thoughts

An introduction to a Mindfulness approach and to self-critical commentary.

4. Mindfulness of Thoughts, Feelings and Sensations

Develops mindfulness skills of thoughts and introduces mindfulness skills of feelings and sensations.

5. Understanding & Monitoring your Personal Response to Stress

This lesson teaches how to gauge our own levels of arousal at any given moment in time and what steps to take to bring and hold your stress levels within the window of tolerance.

6. Stress Management

Teaches the Fight, Flight and Freeze response to stress. Covers effective ways of coping with stress. Presents a well-being resource planner with evidence-based tips for well-being and good mental health.

7. Relaxation and Acute Stress Techniques

Covers relaxation practices including practices when feeling overwhelmed.

8. Making Sense of our Inner Psychological World

An introduction to Process Orientation Psychology.

9. Working with Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination.

10. Reaching Your Full Potential

Accessing one’s full potential.

11. Making Wise Decisions

Covers good decision making skills and insights.

12. Friends and Relationships

Investigates friendships and relationship skills.