Student Empowerment

Welcome to the Student Empowerment Programme!

The Student Empowerment course is a life skills programme intended for delivery by qualified Guidance Counsellors. It provides workshop materials, support and resources aimed at providing students with the tools to build resilience, increase personal effectiveness and self awareness, enhance motivation and aspirations, improve decision making, balance stress, and adopt patterns of healthy self-care.


The Student Empowerment course is intended for delivery over 12 weeks in one of the following ways:

  • Some of the topics and associated resources are suitable for in-class delivery to an entire class group. If delivered in this way it can be within a class time frame and/or delivered over a double class period of 70 to 80 minutes.
  • Alternatively, the resources can be delivered through a series of workshops outside of allocated class periods, for example during lunchtime, free periods or after school. Workshops should be ideally of 1 hour duration.

The course material is also intended to support and resource the Guidance Counsellor in their professional role and to build on their professional skills base.

Teacher Resources

All resources required by teachers of this course can be found on the Student Empowerment Resources page.