Study Skills Resources


Study Skills is a series of topics aimed at helping Leaving Cert students manage their study for exams. There are two suggested Workshops and within each workshop there are several topics. You can dip in and out of each session and pick the topics relevant to your student group or deliver the topics together over two Workshops.

Introduction to Study Skills

This module is split into different topics. Each topic can be delivered individually or the content can be delivered over two different Workshops as outlined below. Each Topic contains a PowerPoint presentation. There are also printable worksheets, handouts and some videos to accompany some of the topics.

1.1 Exam Myths Explained

In this topic we cover the Top 10 Myths associated with Exams. They are real life situations and statements that many students believe to be true. This topic will set students straight and encourage them to challenge these exam myths, hopefully easing their fears before any exams they take.

1.2 Dealing with Stress & Pressure

Most people who have ever taken the leaving certificate or are currently studying towards it would agree that it can be a stressful experience.
Students can often feel a degree of pressure to perform well in the exam, and there is a huge amount of work and study to complete in such a short period of time.
So it’s important that you take care of yourself during this period.

1.3 Exam Preparation

When you are at the stage of preparing for the exam paper itself, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure you’re ready. We will go through these steps in detail to ensure students know what they should prepare before an exam.

1.4 Finding Your Learning Style

In this section we look at how a student might find out their learning style or how they best take in and recall information.

2.1 Time Management

The topic covered in this section is Time Management. It is a very important part of any exam or study practice.

2.2 Useful Revision Techniques

The topic covered in this section is Revision Techniques. We look at different methods students can use to help their revision.

2.3 Knowing What to Study

In this topic we will cover Revision Checklists, Exam Papers and Marking Schemes and how they work.

2.4 Creating a Good Study Environment

It is not always possible for students to create a good study environment, however we have included some advice for them on how they should go about creating a good place to study, whenever possible.