AI in my Life Module 2


AI in My Life  Module 2 is a workshop series on artificial intelligence, ethics, privacy and courses and careers in STEM for Transition Year students.

1. Apply Magic Sauce

By the end of this lesson, the students will know that their digital footprint can provide an insight into their personalities. Your digital footprint is the traces or data you have left behind on the internet by being online (or using apps). The students will learn about an AI-empowered platform, Apply Magic Sauce. They will use it and gain a better understanding of their digital footprint. This lesson aims to empower young people to retain control of their data and get meaningful insights from their data.

2. Digital Privacy

By the end of this lesson, students will know the vulnerabilities of their privacy when using smartphones, apps and internet services and how they can protect their privacy through some security recommendations. Also, students will know how their personal data from social media tools like Facebook or Twitter could be used to analyse their digital profiles.

We will use the activity book Data Detox x Youth to help young people control their tech. This interactive toolkit encourages young people to think about different aspects of their digital lives, from their social media profiles to their passwords, with simple activities for reflection and play. The activity book contains four sections:



3. Future of privacy

By the end of this lesson, students will appreciate the importance of knowing how their personal data is shared. They’ll have obtained tips on avoiding data risk situations such as e-mail account hacking or malware attacks. Additionally, the student will discover if their apps are safe by running some of them through an online tool that rates apps as safe or not.