How do I stop Google Groups messages being marked as Spam?

September 5, 2016

You may find that messages received from a Google Group associated with a DCU TY module are incorrectly classified as spam in Gmail. To prevent this, you can create a Filter in Gmail as follows:

  1. Open one of the messages from the Google Group, either from your Inbox or your Spam folder.
  2. Above the subject line, click on the “More” dropdown, and select “Filter messages like these”.
  3. You’ll see a dialog box with the line “Includes the words” populated with the Google Group name, e.g. “list:(<>)”.
  4. In the bottom right of the dialog box, click “Create filter with this search”.
  5. In the next dialog box, check the box for “Never send it to Spam”, and click “Create filter”.

That should then force Gmail to deliver all messages from the Google Group to your Inbox. If you are subscribed to more than one Group, you’ll need to create a filter for each.