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Leadership Styles – Workshop 5


Leadership is designed to explore views and ideas on what Leadership means at a general level. It will also assist students to begin developing their current and potential leadership skills, aptitudes and competencies, and enhance their self-confidence to identify and embrace with a positive can-do attitude, leadership opportunities and options as they unfold.

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Successful Leadership Styles – Where do I stand?

There are several different styles of Leadership, which a leader can embrace, depending on particular circumstances, situations and desired outcomes. Research shows that the best leaders don’t just know and practice one style, but are familiar with several and have the skills and flexibility to switch between them as required. Daniel Goleman suggests that one might consider styles as an array of golf clubs in golf pro’s bag. Over the course of the game the golfer chooses the club best suited to realise the required results. Making the right decision is a strategic choice and not a matter of personality. This workshop will introduce participants to the various leadership styles, as well as techniques and tips to develop proficiencies prior to completing an individual leadership style questionnaire.

Lesson Goals

By the end of this workshop, participants will have begun a process which will enable them to:

  • Differentiate between different types of Leadership Styles, when to use them and any limitations involved
  • Understand what Leadership is and in particular what Character-led Leadership is- leadership from the ‘inside-out’
  • Conduct a personal Leadership Style on line questionnaire to identify their preferred Leadership Style
  • Research a specific Leadership Style, one of 6 in total, and working as a group, give a short 2 minute presentation to the workshop on what to expect using this style
  • Understand Daniel Goleman’s metaphor of Leadership styles using his golf clubs metaphor


  • Activity Sheets
    • Review of Video – Activity Sheets (one for each video)
    • Group Activity Sheet on Leadership Styles
    • Review & Reflection on Workshop
  • Handout Material
    • Answers to Some Frequently Asked QuestIons on Leadership
    • On-line Leadership Skills Questionnaire
  • AV Facilities
  • Pens/Paper

Lesson Plan

Part 1 – 40 Minutes

5 mins: Introduction & Link to Previous Workshop if appropriate
15 mins: Leadership Styles Video & Follow-up
10 mins: Leadership from Inside Out- Start with Why
10  mins: Leading from Coping and Leading from Character
Subtotal 40

Part 2 – 40 Minutes

10 mins: Video on Leadership Styles- emphasis on Transformational Leaders
8 mins: Investigating Leadership Styles- ACTIVITY SHEET
12 mins: Presentation of 4 different Leadership Styles to Plenary Group
6 mins: Identifying My Leadership Style- on line questionnaire – http://psychology.about.com/qz/Whats-Your-Leadership-Style
4 mins: Review, Reflection & Close
Subtotal 40

Total 80 minutes to complete Workshop